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About Tanzania Online!

Tanzania Online is a gateway to information on development issues in Tanzania. It is an initiative to address problems faced by Government officials, policy makers, private sector, civil society, donor community, researchers and academicians accessing information on development issues in Tanzania. Initial funding of the initiative was provided by the UN System (through a Swedish Grant) and the Tanzanian Government. ESRF was selected to implement it

The objectve of Tanzania online is to provide an interactive facility for easy access to a comprehensive set of documents about development in Tanzania, analytic work about priorities in development and progress towards poverty reduction and other development targets.

Tanzania Online has improved access and exchange of information among and between key government institutions, the public, donor community, private sector, civil society, researchers and academicians. Tanzania Online database includes analytic documents concerning development in Tanzania, work about priorities in development, progress towards poverty reduction and other sector reform developments.

Tanzania Online disseminates its information content in various ways in order to reach various targeted stakeholders. Including;

  • Via the Internet at www.tzonline.org, anyone from anywhere in the world with Internet connection can access and download information free.
  • Current Awareness list is e-mailed to subscribers every month
  • Hard copies and CD Roms are posted to users in the regions upon request

The user-friendly Tanzania Online database can be searched by Author, Title or Keyword(s)

Currently Tanzania Online is supported by UN JP on Capacity Building for Development Management, under one UN initiative and implemented by ESRF.

For more information about Tanzania Online please email; tzonline@esrf.or.tz


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