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The impact of human forest disturbance on the endemic avifauna of the Udzungwa mountains, Tanzania /  Fjeldsa Jon / 1999

A critical assessment of research on selected environmental resources in Tanzania: agroforestry and water management /  Semoka, Johnson M.R /

National environmental policy for Zanzibar /  Zanzibar Revolutionary Government / 1992

What is all this song and dance about? /  Ng'atigwa, Charles / 2001

Agricultural project planning in Tanzania: a handbook on cycles and sequences, participation, identification,planning and design, economic and financial analysis, and environmental assessment of agricultural projects. /  Howlett, David|Nagu, Joseph / 1997

Factors influencing adoption of soil conservation technologies in Tanzania: a case study in Gairo /  Kalineza, H.M.M;|Mdowe, N.S.Y;|Mlonzi, M.R.S / 1999

Evaluation of contour barriers for soil and water conservation in Western Pare low land, Tanzania /  Rwehumbiza, F.B.R;|Hatibu, N;|Kishebuka, S.R / 1999

Proceedings of the workshop on an initiative towards understanding a joint implementation regime to support national priorities in Tanzania /  Mwandosya, M.J.|Nyenzi, B.S / 1996

Soil and water conservation in Semi-Arid areas of Tanzania: national policies and local practices /  Hatibu, N;|Lazaro, E. A;|Mahoo, F. B;|Rwehumbiza, F. B;|Bakari, A. M / 1999

Good practices in environmental management: Moving from trade-off to win-win situations in Tanzania /  Aasland, Dag G.;|Nkya, Estomih /

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